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Trying to figure out ASCO & Ashcroft Part Numbers is difficult if you don't do it every day.  We do it all the time so give us a call!

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ASCO Part Number Tip #1:  ASCO Valve part number most always will have a part number that contains a letter in the middle of the part number.  This letter is almost always the revision level of the valve, and the current Red Hat II letter designation is the letter "G".  So, if you searched our site for an 8210A1 valve and it didn't hit on anything, try your search again replacing the "A" with a "G".  Example:  8210G1

ASCO Part Number Tip #2:  We must always know the voltage of the solenoid valve, since it is not identified in the part number.

ASCO Part Number Tip #3:  All the information needed to replace a valve or to order repair kits or coils is on the tag.  When in doubt, furnish us with all the tag information, and we can help you out right away!

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