1/2 IN Plastomatic BSDA050T-NC-PV PVC Diaphgragm Valve

Plast-O-Matic BSDA050T-NC-PV 1/2 IN PVC Air Operated Diaphragm Valve, Threaded Ends
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Features -Compact size with PTFE diaphragm construction. -No metal in contact with liquid. -Million cycle non-sticking design. -Normally closed design ("fail-safe" spring to close; air to open). -Patented Fail-Dry vented design. Operation A 3-way air solenoid valve connected to the 1/8" NPT port on the air cylinder head is required to actuate the diaphragm valve. When air pressure (40 to 100 psi) is applied, the diaphragm valve opens. Consult the table below for complete air specifications. When the air pressure is vented away through the 3-way air solenoid valve, the internal spring automatically closes the diaphragm. (This is referred to as "normally-closed, air-to-open/spring return valve). The spring is not in contact with liquid. It is recommended that filtered, lubricated compressed air be used. The cylinder head features multiple seals, in addition to the main diaphragm seal in contact with the liquid. There is a vent located between two seals (above the main diaphragm, below the cylinder head u-cups) that will "weep" in the event of a primary seal failure. The valve will still function, under pressure, without metal contacting liquid. This is the patented Plast-O-Matic Fail-Dry, which adds an additional layer of "protection" for your process. Piping Connections The standard valves are precision machined from the highest quality brand thermoplastic bar stock with female NPT connections. Spigot connections are also available.
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Mfg. Product Number BSDA050T-NC-PV
Series BSDA
Seal Material PTFE
Body Material PVC
Price Per Unit Per Each
Product Attachment Product Data Sheet,https://cdn.lsicloud.net/kendall/Resources/kg/bsdcatalog.pdf