1/2 IN Plastomatic PRA050V-PV PVC Pressure Regulator

Plast-O-Matic PRA050V-PV 1/2 IN PVC Air Loaded Pressure Regulator, Viton Seals, Threaded Ends, Adjustable Set Range: 5-125 PSI
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Features: -Higher Flow Rates with Less Pressure Loss than competitive regulators. -Automatically regulates and prevents downstream pressure from exceeding its set point. -Wide range of adjustable settings from 5 to 125 PSI. -Rugged construction with inlet pressure to 150 PSI (10.34 bar). -Dual rolling diaphragm design assures sensitive operation. -Non-sticking design. -One-piece body and double u-cup design prevent leakage and eliminate "creep." -Patented Fail-Dry safety vent warns of seal failure; permits valve to continue operating and prevents liquid/air contamination. Description: Designed for highly corrosive and ultra-pure chemicals, this pressure regulator uses compressed air to control pressure with greater accuracy as compared to standard spring-controlled models. Pressure regulators provide protection for valuable downstream instruments and filtration systems by converting fluctuating or excessive inlet pressure to a preset maximum downstream pressure. The PRA will routinely handle inlet pressure up to 150 PSI and accurately maintain a downstream pressure from 5 to 125 PSI. The design of the PRA features two opposing large area frictionless rolling diaphragms. Process pressure is applied to one of the diaphragms; air pressure is applied to the other. Because the air pressure can be maintained with more accuracy than the force provided by a spring, the PRA offers greater sensitivity and less variance from set pressure than any thermoplastic pressure regulator previously available. The PRA can be used in combination with Plast-O-Matic's patented Stabilizer which measures downstream liquid pressure and provides continuous feedback control for even greater sensitivity and performance.
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Mfg. Product Number PRA050V-PV
Series VBM
Seal Material Viton
Body Material PVC
Price Per Unit Per Each
Product Attachment Product Data Sheet https://cdn.lsicloud.net/kendall/Resources/kg/pracatalog.pdf