1/4 IN Plastomatic EAST2V6W11-PV PVC SOLENOID VALVE 120/60 AC

Plast-O-Matic EAST2V6W11PV 1/4 IN PVC Solenoid Valve, PTFE Bellows Seal, 120/60 AC Voltage
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Features: -Compact Size: Only 4-9/16 in. high, these valves are ideal for limited space installations. -Economical: Low unit cost coupled with high pressure ratings and considerable flow rate (Cv to 0.8) offer excellent opportunities for systems requiring quick opening/quick closing solenoid valves. -High Pressure: Particularly for applications where high back-pressures (up to 70 PSI) are required e.g. controlling flow to spray nozzles, high pressure chemical injections, etc. Inlet pressure to 140 PSI. Note that the 1/4" orifice design is NOT recommended for use with DC voltage. -Unique Design: PTFE bellows barrier type dynamic seal prevents leaking or fugitive emissions to the atmosphere. -Versatility: Can be used with all type solutions. Includes acids, caustics, solvents, chlorine solutions and ultra-pure liquids. -Superior Performance: 2,000,000 cycle design. -Energy Efficient: Molded 11 Watt NEMA 4 style coil with DIN standard connector results in low energy consumption. -Sizes: 1/4 in. and 1/2 in. pipe sizes with 3/16 in.(4.8mm) or 1/4 in.(6.4mm) Orifice. -Corrosion Resistant: Rugged thermoplastic construction is resistant to both internal and atmospheric corrosion. No metal parts in wetted areas.. -Safety/Dependability: Patented Fail-Dry safety design feature provides advance visual warning if seal malfunctions, while permitting valves to continue operating until maintenance can be scheduled. -Coil Connector Light: Can be ordered with this optional feature, which lights up brightly to show when the solenoid is energized.
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Mfg. Product Number EAST2V6W11-PV
Series EAST
Body Material PVC
Price Per Unit Per Each
Product Attachment Product Data Sheet,https://cdn.lsicloud.net/kendall/Resources/kg/east_catalog.pdf