Plast-O-Matic RVDT075T-PV 3/4 IN PVC Relief Valve, PTFE Diaphragm, Adjustable Set Range: 5-100 PSI
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Features One valve design functions as a relief valve, by-pass valve, pump backpressure valve, anti-siphon valve, and backpressure regulator. -Relief: protects systems and equipment from over-pressure/pressure surges. -By-Pass: prevents pumps from "dead heading". -Back-Pressure: maintains necessary reverse pressure in closed loop systems. -Anti-Siphon: Used on the outlet of a pump wherever gravity or other downstream conditions may create negative pressure (siphon) and drain a tank. The valve is pre-set to open under pump pressure, but closes bubble-tight when the pump is shut off. Because of the design of the RVDT, this valve actually closes more tightly when unwanted siphon occurs. -Unique PTFE Diaphragm is excellent for use with highly aggressive liquids...and also provides the ultimate in contamination-free sealing. -Rugged thermoplastic construction is ideal for a broad range of industrial applications. -Relief setting is infinitely adjustable from 5 psi to 100 psi. -Maximum inlet pressure is 150 psi. -Large diaphragm area delivers more sensitivity and less pressure drop under flow conditions. -Non-wetted u-cup seal provides a second isolation of the control spring; design includes patented Fail-Dry vent, a safety feature that provides visual warning of seal malfunction. This permits the valve to continue operation until a scheduled maintenance can be planned thereby avoiding a costly shutdown. Fail-Dry connection on Series RVDT is 1/8" FNPT.
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Mfg. Product Number RVDT075T-PV
Series RVD
Seal Material PTFE
Body Material PVC
Price Per Unit Per Each
Product Attachment Product Data Sheet,https://cdn.lsicloud.net/kendall/Resources/kg/rvdtcatalog.pdf