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Process Valve Solutions for Preventing Fugitive Emissions (Video)

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Fugitive emissions is a problem for industry because of its negative effect on the environment, your process, and your personnel. Video below (put together by Jamesbury) shows that the source of these pesky fugitive emissions is often something as simple as a poorly chosen valve.

Jamesbury rotary valves can help you put the lockdown on fugitive emissions!

Metso’s Jamesbury quarter turn valves are highly qualified and proven in applications just like yours:

  • • They meet all of the most rigorous standards (including EPA, ISO 15848 and TA-Luft)
  • • They have been challenged in Metso’s own Advanced Emission Testing Engineering Lab
  • • They have been qualified by third-party testing facilities

Contact us today for assistance in selecting the proper valve for your process!