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Custom Metal Hose Example

We’ve posted here before about the potential uses and benefits to using Hose Master Flexhoses in your system. You can order many standard configurations of our hoses online, which covers most common applications… But not everything. Do you have a not-so-common application? Since we actually fabricate all our metal hoses here in house, Valves & Instruments also has you covered for many less-than-typical hose options not listed online.  Example below was just fabbed up for a customer this morning!  Special end options can include Cam & Groove, Triclamp (Sanitary Flange), or Grooved (i.e. “Victaulic”) end. If it can be welded as a hose end connection, we can probably do it!

Simply send us an email at for a quote. Or, call our hose specialists at 1-800-523-7879 (Ask for “hose sales”).

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